What is Connect?

Connect groups are small groups based around the halls of residence, but also attended by students of all years. In addition, there is iConnects for international students.

They meet weekly in term time to study the Bible, pray together and to reach out to be a blessing and witness to the non-Christians around us.

Essentially Connects are missional communities that live and speak for Jesus!

Want to know more? Please message our Connect Coordinator Chloe, or your Connect leaders, they’d love to hear from you!

The Connect Groups
Arthur Vick
Bluebell, Tocil & Claycroft
Cryfield & Redfern
Jack Martin & Whitefields
Sherbourne, Lakeside & Heronbank
Ethan and Hannah
Arthur Vick
Hi, we’re Ethan and Hannah – the Connect leaders of Arthur Vick
Our weekly meetings help us to grow in fellowship with one another and be encouraged to live out our faith on campus. We aren’t just a Bible study group, but enjoy spending time together around our meetings and during organised social events.
When we meet: Tuesdays at 6:30pm in H0.01
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Sam & Charlotte
Bluebell, Tocil and Claycroft
Hi, we’re Sam and Charlotte – the Connect leaders of Bluebell, Tocil and Claycroft.
Connect is a great way to get to know other Christians and reach out to our friends and hallmates with the good news about Jesus. Come along to find out more!
When we meet: Mondays 6:30pm in H3.56
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Owen and Jo
Cryfield & Redfern
Hi, we’re Owen and Jo – the Connect leaders of Cryfield and Redfern.
We’re a lively, friendly group of about 10-15 students seeking to share the good news of Jesus at Warwick. Come along to find out more.
When we meet: Tuesday at 6:30pm in one of the Cryfield Common Rooms (Join our FB group for more info)
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Meredith and Hyunseog
Jack Martin & Whitefields
Hi we’re Meredith and Hyunseog – the Connect leaders of Jack Martin and Whitefields.
We exist to encourage each other to live as a shining light in our halls, and to grow in God by studying His Word together. Come along for a relaxed atmosphere of fellowship with friends.
When we meet: Tuesdays at 6:00pm in S1.141
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Hi, we’re Toby and Sarah – the Connect leaders of Rootes.
We meet every week for prayer, Bible study and fellowship. Hope to see you there!
When we meet: Monday at 7:00pm in OC1.07 (Oculus Building) – check our Facebook group for details!
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Alex & Lucy
Sherbourne, Lakeside & Heronbank
Hi, we’re Alex and Lucy, the leaders of Sheronside Connect.
We are a group, not just of Christians, but of friends! Come and join us as we spread the Word of God together and strive to grow in our own faiths, and eat lots of food.
When we meet: Tuesday 6:00pm in S1.69.
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Sam & Lizzie
Hi, we’re Sam and Lizzie – the leaders of Westwood Connect.
We are a friendly and fun group who meet together to study the Bible, pray and to reach out to be a blessing and witness to the non-Christians around us. We’d love you to come along to find out more!
When we meet: Monday at 6:30pm in the Avon Building
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International Connect

Alongside Connect, the CU also runs an international Connect (iConnect) every Thursday, aimed at students English where is their second language.

This term, we usually meet from 6.30pm-8.30pm in H1.07 (Humanities Building), but check the Facebook group (link on the right) for more information.

We seek to learn more about Jesus Christ through studying the Bible (God’s Word) and discussing what we read in small groups.

We provide some food at the beginning of the meeting and also have regular socials each term!

Get in Touch:
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