Why we pray

Prayer is fundamental in Christian life. It allows us to communicate with a truly wonderful and loving Father who longs to hear us.

One of the things that links the “greats” of the Bible and heroes in church history is their prayer life: they were constantly relying on their God and Father in all things, whether advice, understanding, strength or pleas for help. So, as a CU, we believe it is important to join together regularly to thank God for His blessings, and to bring our needs to Him. Even more than this, a prayerful life is one of rich blessing, and one that is in tune with our Heavenly Father.

The CU is wholly dependent on God through prayer. Often we try to ‘go it alone’ and rely upon ourselves, but without our loving God our efforts fail. It is for this reason we meet together every week to lay our requests before our Father in utter dependence.

You can do more than pray, after you have prayed, but you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed.

by John Bunyan

When we pray

Monday 8am: Main CU Prayer Meeting – A great way to kick off the week, and of course accompanied by breakfast. This takes place every week in the Chaplaincy. There is also a group for those living in Leamington Spa that meets at the same time.

Friday 12pm: Morning Prayer (Odd Weeks) – Very similar to the Monday prayer meeting, but with a slightly smaller group. This also takes place in H0.03 with breakfast provided.

Friday 12pm: Missions Prayer (Even Weeks) – God’s mission field is so much bigger than Warwick University, so we use this time to especially pray for brothers and sisters in different parts of the world. We meet as usual in H0.03 at 12pm for breakfast.


If you’d like to share your own stories of amazing things that God has been doing with you, check out this link to our testimony page: