We loved having you with us, exploring the answers to questions that we all wonder.

Intrigued by
A chance to ask questions and find out more of who Jesus is.
OC1.04    •     Thursdays Week 8, 9 & 10    •     6:30-8:00pm

Our world is full of questions.

Is there a purpose? Is peace possible? Are there any answers?

We are curious people, we wonder.

This week is a chance to ask those questions -
to wonder about science and suffering, love and life.

It's a chance to hear answers.

Come and wonder about life's biggest questions

Week 7. Events by the Christian Union.



Short talks on the big questions accompanied by a free lunch and great coffee, followed by Q&A.

International Dinners

Short talks aimed at International students, accompanied by a free meal from Bar Fusion.

Evening café

Come to the Flexigrid for a relaxed evening of live music and a talk over free coffee, pastries and cream cakes.

Every day • Week 7


Ever wondered about science?
Has it buried God?
Do miracles contradict the laws of nature?
The Most precious thing
Bar Fusion • 5:30-6:30pm
Wondering about wonder
Flexigrid • 7pm
Why does beauty move me?
Concert with singer-songwriter Andy Mayo


Ever wondered about Jesus?
A myth like Santa?
Are the Gospel accounts reliable?
The man who thought he had (nearly) everything
Bar Fusion • 5:30-6:30pm
Wondering about love
Flexigrid • 7pm
Is it all I need?


Ever wondered about Religion?
Does it suppress women?
Does it cause violence?
The woman who thought she had nothing
Bar Fusion • 5:30-6:30pm
Wondering about peace
Flexigrid • 7pm
Is there a cure for stress?


Ever wondered about Suffering?
Does it disprove God?
Does God really care?
The man who thought he had lost everything
Bar Fusion • 5:30-6:30pm
Wondering about transformation
Flexigrid • 7pm
Is real change possible?
With former Mafia Boss Slavko Hadzic


Ever wondered about Tolerance?
How could there be only one way to God?
Why would God send sincere people to hell?
A look inside
Chaplaincy • 5:30-6:30pm
iExplore (regular international cafe event)
What does a relationship with God look like?
Wondering about life
Flexigrid • 7pm
What's the point of today if there's no tomorrow?


Meet Our Guests

Michael Ots

Michael Ots has spoken at universities across the UK and Europe for the past 15 years, engaging with students to debate the Christian faith and answer questions we all have about life, the universe and everything.

Michael Green

Dr Michael Green has been travelling the world for the past 6 decades telling students and people from all walks of life about Jesus. We are honoured to have him join us for the week and share his wealth of wisdom.

Slavko Hadzic

Slavko Hadzic is a former Mafia Boss turned Christian. Slavko has an amazing story of how an encounter changed his life and caused him to leave his old life of crime. Come and hear about his incredible life on Thursday night.

Andy Mayo

Andy Mayo is a singer-songwriter who performs his music on tours across Europe. On the 20th of February, he has made Warwick one of the stops on his tour. Come and watch him perform for free on Monday night.

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