About Us

Hello and welcome from Warwick Christian Union!

We’re a group of students at the University of Warwick who believe the good news of Jesus and are passionate about sharing it with everyone on our campus. Our vision is simply:

“to give every student at Warwick the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus Christ.”

Everyone is welcome. We gather from different cultures and church denominations, uniting in worship around the core truths of Christianity.

At Warwick CU there are activities and events to encourage and equip us to live Christlike lives whilst at university and to facilitate sharing the good news with Warwick campus. Read on to find out more!

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What about non-regular events?

A handy overview of of the year.

Meet the people leading the CU.

Become a member of Warwick CU!

Are you a post-grad or staff member?

Freshers! See what’s on for you.

We are not a church!

It’s vital to get involved in a local church whilst you’re at uni.

Regular Activities

The CU runs a range of regular activities, all focused on fulfilling our vision. The activities include praying for our mission, events to encourage and equip us and times where we reach out to campus showing the love of Jesus or giving a chance to explore Christianity. 

We really encourage everyone to come to Main Meeting and our Prayer Meetings but please check out all we do below.

Main Meeting

Wednesdays • 5:30 - 7pm • Various Locations

Our main weekly meeting is a place where anyone is encouraged to come along – whether a Christian or not.

It is a time where we sing together, read God’s word and listen to a talk from a local church leader.

It’s the best place for you to be updated with upcoming events, and afterwards we will often head to the Phantom Coach (a friendly pub) for fun, food and fellowship.

The location of Main Meeting is posted to our WhatsApp group and Instagram

Impact Groups

Various times/locations throughout the week

Impact Groups are at the heart of CU life, helping and equipping students to live and speak for Jesus. They are all about being impacted by God’s Word, then seeking to impact the university for good in Jesus’ name. Whether you’re yet a follower or not, they’re a wonderful place to make friends, get connected into CU life and receive help in finding a local church.

Our Impact Groups are a great way to get to know more people from CU. We would love to have you join us! If you’re interested in joining a group please use the sign up form below and if you have any questions please feel free to email our coordinator at connect@warwickcu.org

Connect Groups

Mondays/Tuesdays • 6:30 - 8 pm • Various Locations

Connect groups are small, hall group bible studies, equipping people in their personal evangelism and witness within their halls by studying God’s word.

This builds up relationships and a community of Christians within halls, providing an opportunity to learn, discuss and grow in Christ together.

Prayer Meetings

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 8am • Chaplaincy

Without God, anything we do as a CU is pointless. Prayer meetings are a time we can come together to acknowledge this dependence on Him, to gather in unity and listen to and talk to our amazing Father in heaven – what a privilege!

Hot Choc

Wednesdays • 10:30pm • Chaplaincy

At Hot Choc we give out hot chocolate and biscuits to students coming out of the Uni’s nightclubs.
Hot Choc’s purpose is to show God’s love to people on campus in the form of hospitality. It’s amazing how many good conversations and how many friendships are formed at Hot Choc!

Join the Whatsapp group if you want to find out more – or just come along!

International Cafe

Thursdays • 5 - 6.30pm • Chaplaincy

International Cafe is a friendly environment for you to explore Christianity for yourself and be part of a Christian community regardless of faith or cultural background.

We meet, chat and share a meal together and learn about what Christians believe. Whether you know nothing about Christianity or loads about it, come along!

All Nations Bible Study

Thursdays • 6 - 8 pm • H2.44

The All Nations Bible Study is a community of believers, both from the UK and from other countries, who desire to delve deeper into God’s Word.

We commit to studying certain books of the Bible, typically over a term. Our study material every week can comprise a series of chapters, or just a few verses. We seek to draw out God’s truths from the Word, to spur one another on to apply these truths in our daily lives, and to pray together. Whether you’ve been a Christian your whole life, or whether you just want to learn more, come join us! PS: Snacks are provided but they aren’t the healthiest.

Non-regular Events

Throughout the year we put on a variety of events to reach out and share the gospel message with our campus. We want to share this good news and seek to do so in current, varied and creative ways. Below is a flavour of other things we get up to.


We provide lunch and put on a talk that typically addresses common or topical intellectual objections to the Christian Faith. The speaker will spend 20 minutes challenging people’s existing worldview and presenting why the Christian one is credible and followed by 20 minutes of Q&A.

Music Nights

It’s great to share the beauty of the gospel and God’s awesomeness through music. We host a range of music events with some being more diverse ‘open mic’ nights which incorporate, poetry, stories and more!

Evening Talks

Some talks are more intellectually based where we’ve invited leading academics. For others we invite individuals from financial, political or military backgrounds to share how knowing Christ has made a difference in their lives. We like to follow some of our evening talks with follow-up discussion sessions.

Year Overview

Check out some of the things we get up to throughout the year.


Welcome Week

We put on a whole week of events specifically for newcomers to the university so we can get to know you and help you make some friends!


Weekend Away

In term 1, we take a trip to the heart of Wales to stay at Cefn Lea. This is a great opportunity to get to know others in the CU better and get excited for evangelism! There's a jam-packed programme of talks, seminars, prayer and sung worship as well as quizzes, group games, a bonfire, and more!


Carol Concert

It’s pretty self-explanatory isn’t it? We team up with the orchestra and put on a carol concert of epic proportions in the Butterworth Hall! We even give out free mince pies! Everyone loves the festivities and it's a special time to share the gospel message.


Events Week

This is the big one! A full week of evangelistic events. We believe in sharing the gospel all year round but this is a focused and intensive version of the rest of the year. Momentum and intrigue grow as people come to event after event. It's a big week so everyone in the CU helps out.

Did I mention we have a tent?



After exams are over, we have a big BBQ in the middle of campus! We also set up live music, fête stalls and a platform for people to share the testimony of their life with Jesus with others at the event.


CU Formal

A chance to dress up and enjoy looking back at the year with your friends in CU before everyone leaves for the summer.

Our Leadership

The Christian Union is run entirely by students and we can only do what we do because members give up their time, both helping out at events and activities, and stepping into positions of responsibility. The Committee are our core leadership and featured below, but there are many more people running our regular activities, leading teams, and planning our events.

The Committee

We are your 2024/25 Committee and we each have different responsibilities to oversee week to week running of the CU, plan ahead to upcoming events, and as a whole facilitate and keep us on track with our vision of sharing the good news. We are just ordinary students studying at Warwick and would love to get to know you! Please speak to us about any questions or concerns you might have, so we can bring them up at our meetings

Josiah Stanley


Kate Hutton

Vice President

Carla Creasy


Matthew O’Neill

Prayer Secretary

David Grimes

Worship Coordinator

Fimi Odutayo

Publicity Coordinator

Ethan Christie


Matthew Taylor

Impact Coordinator

Talitha van Beek

International Secretary

Jess Cheung

Events Coordinator

Seth Branson

Outreach Coordinator

Josh Morland


Imogen Hutchinson

Vice President

Karen Darwin


Josiah Stanley

Prayer Secretary

Joel Heming

Music Coordinator

Martha Rucinski

Publicity Coordinator

Jacob Savage


Jacob Adams

Impact Coordinator

Jess Cheung

International Secretary

Matthew Strain

Events Administrator


We are student-led but we get support from UCCF, a charity that unites Christian Unions all across the country. You’ll see our Staff Worker and Relay Workers around who are here to help us so say hello to them!

UCCF Staff Worker

[Greetings from Esther]

Marty and Doc
Marty and Doc

UCCF Relay Worker

[Greetings from relays]

Become a Member

We are a society of Warwick Student’s Union and although you are most welcome to come to any event or meeting we have whether or not you’re a member, there’s really no reason not to get a membership! Becoming a member is COMPLETELY FREE since we are exempt from the SU societies federation fee. You’ll be able to receive our (optional) weekly emails which will keep you updated and you’ll also be able to vote in elections.

As well as the weekly emails, we send out helpful updates, last minute announcements and event details on our Instagram. Follow us there to stay in the loop!


Apologies for not giving you guys much room on the website! You are very welcome to join us in everything we do but we’d also like to let you know about the Christian Postgraduate and Staff Network Warwick (CPS). We are good friends and seek to support each other in what we do – you’ll notice we share a prayer meeting. You might like to check their website out and consider joining them.


Are you coming to Warwick in September? We can’t wait to meet you!

We have lots going on in Freshers’ Week and beyond to welcome you to Warwick and the CU and to help you find a local church.

Keep an eye on this page and our social media (Instagram) to stay up-to-date with our latest events!

Freshers Events

During Welcome Week we put on a whole range of events specifically for newcomers to the university.

Early in the week there are social events so you can meet other freshers in a relaxed atmosphere, then later in the week we have events designed to get you integrated into the CU and the local churches before your lectures even start!

To view more information about these events, visit the CU Calendar.


Freshaway is a chance for you to spend a weekend before university even starts getting to know other Freshers starting at Warwick this year, your Connect Group leaders and some of the Committee. This year it will take place at Hill House Christian Centre in Otterhampton between 13th-15th of September. It would be great to have you with us!

Campus Tours

Attention all pre freshers!

We are so happy to be able to offer you tours of campus, led by members of Warwick Christian Union! All you have to do if you want one is to fill out the form by clicking the button below.

This is for anyone coming to visit the university from now until 10th July. We don’t care whether Warwick is your first choice, last choice, or if you haven’t even applied to uni yet. By the end of this tour you will know which university is for you 😉.

Even if you’re not able to visit/don’t need a tour guide, please fill out the form anyway so we can look out for you in September!!



If you’re a Warwick Fresher starting with us this year, we would love for you to join us on Freshaway. It’s a really great way of getting to know other freshers before coming to uni

What will you get up to on Freshaway?

  • Different games/activites
  • Ice-breakers
  • Hearing from Kiran Pabari, who will be speaking on Ephesians
  • and much more!

Where and when is it?

  • Woodcroft Christain Centre, Chepstow
  • 19th-21st September

If you’re interesed, please click the button below. FIlling out the form doesn’t require payment right away, so please do fill out asap!

We’re really looking forward to meeting you all, see you there!


Freshaway is a short trip away aimed at freshers to allow them to get to know members of the CU, make friends and overall have a good time before coming to university. There will be lots of fellowship and worship as people get to know each other and grow in their relationship with God.


“Without having my freshlink, my whole CU and university experience wouldn’t have been nearly as good: they really help you get involved and you make a great friend early on. I would highly recommend.”

A Freshlink is an older member of CU, usually on a similar course to yours, who you can meet up with on a regular basis to grab a coffee, chat, study the Bible and encourage one another in living and speaking for Jesus! They’ll be able to get in contact with you before you even start at Warwick and can answer any questions you have about the Christian Union or Warwick student life!

Freshers WhatsApp Group

If you’d like to stay informed about all the CU is doing for freshers this term, feel free to join our WhatsApp group just for you! We’ll keep it updated with information about everything coming up, so you won’t miss a thing. To join, please email our Vice President Kate at the link below!

Welcome Week Events

We plan a whole range of events for when you arrive! Early in the week there are social events so you can meet other freshers in a relaxed atmosphere, then later in the week we have events designed to get you integrated into the CU and the local churches before your lectures even start!