Josh Machado
Nathan Veall
Annabella Meech
Connect Group Coordinator:
Chloe Newsom
Evangelism Secretary:
Timon Hynes
International Secretary:
Miriam Ettrick
Music Secretary:
Bunmi Gabriel
Prayer Secretary:
Hugh Myers
Clare Gollop
Jemimah Gilpin
President – Josh Machado
“My role is to lead and support the committee, and to encourage CU in our goal of making Jesus and his love known across campus. In other words, meeting up with people for a cup of tea to talk over things and remind everyone how great our Saviour truly is.”
Vice-President – Nathan Veall
“I support and work with the president in keeping the CU focused on its aim, and in leading and supporting the Exec.”
Secretary – Annabella Meech
“As secretary my responsibilities include sorting all of the admin behind the scenes, and I’m also the contact for anyone outside of the CU.”
Connect Group Coordinator – Chloe Newsom
“My role involves working alongside the Connect leaders to support them in building effective missional communities on campus.”
Evangelism Secretary – Timon Hynes
“My role is to encourage and facilitate a culture of evangelism in the CU, to help guide the CU’s vision of evangelism, and to organise or help organise evangelistic events on campus.”
International Secretary – Miriam Ettrick
“I lead a team that helps the CU bring the good news to international students.”
Worship Co-ordinator – Bunmi Gabriel
“I’m here to oversee all things musical at CU (mainly at Equip), to try and enable musicians develop their gifts for God’s glory, and to make sure our worship is directed heavenward! If you aren’t involved in music at Equip but would like to be, e-mail me at the address below.”
Prayer Secretary – Hugh Myers
“As well as organising our weekly collective prayer meetings, I generally aim to encourage CU members to let prayer permeate all we do. On Warwick campus as in Heaven.”
Treasurer – Clare Gollop
“My role is to ensure that we as a CU are wise stewards of our money, and spend our money to spread the gospel as best as we can to the students of Warwick University.”
Publicity – Jemimah Gilpin
“I’m responsible for organising all the promotional material for the events the CU runs”
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