Our Hall-Based, Mission-Focused Small Groups

Connect Groups are on every Monday/Tuesday (accommodation dependent)

All About Connect Groups

Connect groups are our hall groups, where we meet in a smaller number on a weekly basis to build one another up in living and speaking for Jesus, and practically doing that together.  On most weeks, we have a Bible study focused on equipping us to live and speak for Jesus, we pray together, and of course have great fun and great snacks (put in requests to your leaders and they’ll be more than happy to comply!). We also have regular outreach events, where we give students in our halls an opportunity to explore Christianity for themselves.

Connect groups are made up of students from all years , who are usually ex-residents of the halls! Discover your connect group below, and if you can’t make the time of the one for your hall, of course feel free to go to any of them! Also be sure to join the relevant Facebook group.


Hi we are Beky and Ollie, and we lead Westwood Connect … yes it is quite far away but its worth it promise! Looking forward to seeing you! 

We meet every Monday at 6:30pm in the Avon Building lobby!

Tocilcroft (Tocil and Claycroft)

Hi! We’re Joel and Michelle, and we lead Tocilcroft connect! 

We meet on a Monday at 6:30pm in H0.43!


Hi We’re Kristian and Natalya and we lead Rootes connect group!

We meet every Monday at 6:30pm in OC1.02!

Fun Fact: Natalya’s degree is useful. Kristian’s degree is interesting. Only one of these is true.

Cryfern (Cryfield and Redfern)

Hi! We’re Daniel and Jo, and we lead Cryfern connect! 

We meet on a Tuesday at 6pm in Cryfield Block 1 Common Room!

Bluthur Vick (Bluebell and Arthur Vick)

Hi we are Aaron and Emily, and we lead Bluthur Vick! We study Computer Science and Chemistry respectively, Aaron is also from Newcastle- a shame we know but we love him anyway!

We meet every Monday in R1.04 at 6.30pm!

 Fun fact: If Aaron was kneeling he’d still be taller than Emily

Sheronside (Sherbourne, Heronbank and Lakeside)

Hi! We’re Dan and Jess, and we lead Sheronside connect! 

We meet on a Tuesday at 6:30pm in H2.46!


Whack Martin (Whitefields and Jack Martin)

Hi! We’re David and Emily, and we lead Whack Martin connect! 

We meet on a Tuesday at 6:30pm in  H1.03

 Fun fact: Strawberries don’t smell of anything!

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