Day 2

Was Jesus who he said he was?

Yesterday afternoon Michael Green spoke to us about Jesus. Michael Green is an Oxford educated British Theologian and Apologist and has written over 50 books that meet the high demands of our complex cognitions. This is a man who has dedicated his life to Jesus and it’s such an honour to welcome him here this week. Yesterday afternoon – over free lunch and plenty of wondering, – Michael Green spoke to us about the possibility of Jesus’ life. Firstly considering the claims that Jesus is ‘mere myth’, we were able to unhinge and investigate the misunderstandings and vague terms which prevent us from being able to fully appreciate the value and meaning of biblical claims. The manuscripts which constitute the modern bible are some of the most reliable of the era, and Lewis’ Trilemma gives us a logical foundation to consider Jesus as being entirely sane and entirely who he said he was… But what do you think?

Is there more than what we’ve got?

I was lucky enough to sit with the two new friends whom I had met on Monday night during our international free dinner, taking place in Fusion at 17:30. Surrounded by the fluttering of different languages, enjoying a hearty chicken curry and getting deep into the dark with those existential questions isn’t a bad way to spend a few hours with friends. Last night we heard about what it means to live in a material world in regards to a belief that has it’s eyes heavenwards. Is there more to life than this? Is wealth a burden? What does it mean to live life for God? We were able to hear about a life of true freedom by the means of putting God before our possessions.

Why do we talk about love so much?

Love this. Love that. ‘Love what and who you want’, seems to me to be the most infectious cultural narrative to record and one which runs through the veins of our culture. It seems shocking therefore, that we live in a society that becomes so divided about the very nature of love and unfortunately, abuses it in many cases. Can love be defined? Is love anything substantial in western culture? Is love even worth pursuing? We believe it is. Yesterday evening we enjoyed more live music, a talk and even late night coffee and cake in the Flexigrid. As well as this, we were able to watch a moving drama which had been put together by our own Christian Union members. Also, who doesn’t love some aesthetic fairy lights? The evening events give a funky and relaxed vibe for us to reflect and unwind. Don’t worry if you missed yesterday, more events happening today, whether theist or not, we welcome any who want to wonder. Check out the Website!

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