Day 4

Do we need God?

To start the day we had two talks covering one of the most marked and contested topics that strike individuals on reflection of ‘God’. Suffering. Does really God care? If God really cares then why is there suffering? If you have been to talks like this before then I’m sure you understand how sincerely speakers and apologists – such as Michael Ots -take these questions. Everybody has dealt with suffering and as Christians it is something which does not disappear. What I love about the Warwick Christian Union team is their confidence to offer Question and Answer time, post-talk. This means that whatever you feel wasn’t covered or wasn’t well defined or defended during the talk, can be addressed. In these talks, we are aiming to present Christianity as entirely necessary and sufficient as an explanation for existence, and in order to do that, we know that questions need addressing. Don’t miss out on time to ask and to receive! If this ‘stuff’ is true, then it could be life-changing. Two more lunch bars happening today in the Flexigrid where we’ll be addressing the way Christianity seems exclusive or arrogant on the basis of the question, ‘Is there only one way to God?’ If pluralism interests you or alternatively, if the tolerance of other beliefs is part of your moral system, then come along. Do we need one way to God? Do we NEED God in order to be good? Do we need God at all?

This was our fourth day of spending time in Fusion with Peter Teagle as an assorted mix of nationalities. What a joy it is to hear about other people’s cultures and beliefs. Whatever you believe and where ever you are from, we want to simply invite you for dinner to hear about the truth of Jesus’ life and the value of the stories that became Jesus became submerged in during his time on earth. People like me and you who really excited, fact. Today this will be happening in the Chaplaincy and will be a great time to bring friends, eat food and enjoy conversation like no other. If you are passionate about culture (or passionate about not paying for food) then we invite you! I’ve been lucky enough to make some great friends from Malaysia, Indonesia and even my home town, Holland!

‘God is a bit like losing your phone in your bag. You can feel it somewhere but you can’t see it.’ Hank (my new friend!)

Finally, we ended our event with the biggest turn out so far this week – nearly 400 people! Slavko Hadzic came to speak to us all the way from Bosnia. Slavko shared his life pre his Christian conversion as a former Mafia Boss; this involved a life of casinos, a circle of money orientated relationships and a ‘macho’ mind set.

Slavko paralleled his story with that of Zack in the bible, a tax collector. Jesus invites himself to Zack’s house, and in the same way invites himself into our lives. Slavko emphasised the fact that there is nothing we can do become saved or reunited by God, but that it is a free gift given to us through Jesus. Jesus invites himself no matter who are we are or what we have done. What about being good for God? I hear you say! Being ‘good’ for God isn’t about ‘getting to him’, this is our response to the love and restoration we receive from him. If you want to pursue God then don’t hesitate based on how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ you are. Come to him because he invites you.

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