Day 5

Was Jesus’ resurrection a hoax? What about other beliefs? Can we just accept that there’s no purpose to life?

On Friday we held our final three events for our annual Wonder week, giving you (and us) the opportunity for unbounded and unbarred discussion about our experiences of existence. Even within the Christian Union body, some of us have held atheistic world views before we became Christians. Some have followed other theistic beliefs prior to Christianity and some of us have been Christians our whole lives. We understand that Christianity is specifically complex as it seems precariously held together, causing us to ask: How can this be true? we appreciate that existential thoughts can be savagely overwhelming and we understand that it is so difficult to know where to begin. This is especially valid when you consider that we are in a culture that simultaneously tells us to find purpose, that we should make our own purpose and sometimes it tells us that there is no purpose. All of these views are understandable and most individuals experience / have experienced a consideration of a mixture of them. (including me!)

As the Christian Union, we appreciate that many think it’s OK to say ‘hey, maybe there is no answer.’ That might very well be OK, but is that correct? We are confident that the reliability of the bible and the extraordinary content it holds, provides us with sufficient reason to believe that there is a God who revealed his existence to us in a man whose feet walked this very planet, namely, Jesus Christ.

This Friday we looked at some of the most crucial topics when considering the Christian Claims. We heard from Michael Ots on the exclusivity of Christianity and the pluralistic world view, considering the claims the bible makes about realms of ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’. We heard the remarkable testimony from one of our members on his conversion from a Muslim background to now being firmly rooted in belief in Jesus Christ as God. We enjoyed a dinner in the Chaplaincy with Peter Teagle who spoke to international students about the parables and life of Jesus, looking theologically at what it means to live a life with God at the centre of it.

Finally, we heard from Dr. Michael Green, a man who has dedicated his life to the study of the historicity of the Bible and the compelling case for the truth of Jesus’ resurrection. We understood how it is one of the most reliable cases of truth in history, that is, based on manuscripts existing outside of the New Testament texts which are compliant with the fact that Jesus’ tomb was empty [If this interests you then read his book, ‘Jesus for sceptics’.]

Christianity is not only plausible, but completely relevant. It’s been a poignant, confronting and impressively rousing week. If you have decided that you are ready to take a step towards becoming a Christian or if you know a friend who is wanting to make this decision, then we encourage any to come along to our event this evening in OC1.04 (Oculus, new building) at 19:30. Mike Hood will be leading us and we will get to discuss our freedom in Christ.

[ If you fancy getting to know people a little bit better then we will be having dinner in Bar Fusion at 18:30 before heading over together – but there’s no pressure to attend that.]

If you aren’t sure about what whether to reject or accept Christianity as true but you still want to find out more about it, or if you merely want to explore and / or tackle with the Christian claims further, then for the last three Thursday nights of term we are holding Explore. This will be taking place in OC1.04 at 18:30 and will be a chance for genuine conversation about Christianity in a more personal setting.

It’s been such a pleasure spending time with you this week and we hope that your wondering takes you far.

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