Events Week Talks 2015

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[tinytalk src=”” active=””]Lunchbar – Hasn’t Science Buried God?[/tinytalk]
[tinytalk src=”″]Acoustic Night – The God Who Knows the Real Me[/tinytalk]
[tinytalk src=”″]Ceilidh – The God Nobody Expected?[/tinytalk]
[tinytalk src=”″]Rootes Meal – The God Who Loves Me[/tinytalk]
[tinytalk src=”″]Lunchbar – Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?[/tinytalk]
[tinytalk src=”″]Pub Quiz – The God Who Took Me Back[/tinytalk]
[tinytalk src=”″]Lunchbar – How can a good God allow suffering?[/tinytalk]
[tinytalk src=”″]Globe – The God who died for me[/tinytalk]

All of the talks that we record during events week will be uploaded to this page.

If you want to hear our previous talks, head over to the resources page, or if you want to find out more, you can fill in this form.

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