Hot Choc

What is Hot Choc?

When: Every Wednesday, 10:30pm – 2:30am

Where: Meet in the Chaplaincy, heading out to the piazza later.

Every Wednesday night, we give out free hot chocolate and biscuits to people coming out of Pop! It’s a great opportunity for us to show the amazing Good News of God’s love and goodness to people on campus in a very practical way.  All you need is a heart for God and a willingness to wear a bright yellow hoodie.  

The 3am finish can be hard to fit into your weekly schedule, but the good news is there’s no pressure to come every week – people come as often (or as little) as they want to. It”s definitely something to do at least one time, but be warned, you’ll probably want to do it again!

For more information, please see the Hot Choc section on the Teams page, check out the Facebook group, or grab one of the Hot Choc leaders at equip (Sophie Walker, Luke Douglas, and Cheyenne Darko)! 

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