Feeling tired and overwhelmed by the early happenings of week 7? Feeling fine after the buzz of Wonder? However you’re feeling, I’m here to talk to you about the importance of questioning God and to invite you to do so.

Today, Warwick Christian Union held our first day of events for our Wonder week. As Christians in the 21st century, we are passionate about questions and believe that there are concrete and valuable answers to the metaphysical demands [ that seem to slip our mind in the busy blur of University.] Questioning and curiosity is one of the many features that define us all as humans and it is important to wake up and smell the coffee… Even on Mondays… Or Mondaze… Zzz.

If you missed today or want to know more from afar, then check out what we’ve been up to.


Has it buried God?

This morning we wanted to cut straight to the heart of the academic warfare that can build and bewilder us in the midst of an incredibly opinionated environment [University]. Are science and God congruent? Here we specifically heard about the nature of miracles in a universe which presents us with laws and regularity. Tomorrow we want to take the scrutiny further and will be asking: Is Jesus a myth like Santa? Are the Gospel Accounts Reliable? The answers to these types of questions can change the way you stand and the way you see. Asking questions is crucial and we as a Christian Union know this. We ask them too.

International Dinner

As the Christian Union, we offer meals because we want to bless. Today, many came along to our free international meal at Fusion, where we listened to a talk on ‘The Most Precious Thing’. It can be easy to let those words fly in one ear and out of the other or to shrug them off as whimsical or ‘airy’. However, many of us live for our own precious ‘thing’, such as family or maybe a pursuit for personal freedom. Can Jesus really be any substantial or precious thing? How is he relevant?

Why Does Beauty Move Me?

Even though Freud and Kant seem to say something on the origin or nature of beauty, do you think there’s something more to it? I can veraciously say that this evening’s concert blew me away. We got to listen to Andy Mayo’s new album Lavish, which combined real stories with real singing.

As well as this, we heard some spoken-word poetry from Cambridge Graduate Mike Hood. An evening of the music and stories, two things which carry and progress the character of our world. In a world which puts forward logic and reason as King, why does indiscernable beauty seem to rule our hearts?

If this ‘stuff’ is really more than stuff to you then come along and find out more.

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