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Why & how we do music

The why of musical worship always comes back to the Bible. Time and time again, there are songs of praise, lament, thanksgiving, and petition offered up to God, with all kinds of musical instruments. (see 1 Chronicles 15:16, Nehemiah 12:27)
Hey, there’s even a whole book dedicated to songs of worship, called Psalms!

We love to sing worship songs together as a CU, because we’re singing to a God who we believe is worthy of our praise! It’s also an act of unity, raising our voices together and making music to the Lord. The words of the songs we sing are often straight from the Bible, and the music helps us centre in and focus on God. Many of our members have been blessed with the gifts of musical ability, and their creativity reflects that of the God who created them.

The name of the Music Coordinator role has been much disputed, so it’s important to note the difference between ‘Worship’ and ‘Music’ here. Although we often call the music we make in the CU worship for convenience, our whole lives should be worshipful, declaring the glory of God through the way we act and the way we live. If one person on the CU committee tried to co-ordinate ALL of our worship, that would be a pretty big job! We love to lead sung worship, but there are so many ways people can engage with God – through prayer, art, dance, poetry… the list goes on!

Worship is always a part of our main weekly meeting (Equip), where we’ll get a band of three to six musicians to lead us in a few songs. They meet at 4pm to set up and rehearse before Equip starts at 5:30pm. We also have worship at our fortnightly Prayer & Praise meetings (Friday on odd weeks), and that’s usually just one person with their instrument.

Get involved

We rely on the wonderfully talented musicians of Warwick CU to make music happen. You don’t have to be a super duper grade 8 talented musician to play in a CU band – we’d love to get everyone involved. If you have any skills at all, please let me know! There’s a form just for you here – all you have to do is hit that button:

We also recognise that not everyone is as confident in their musical skills, or would like to grow in their abilities – whether that’s leading worship, playing a particular instrument, or helping out with tech. If  you think that might be you, please do say hello and we’d love to help you grow in that. You can email the music coordinator with this button below:


There are loads of streaming platforms available, and so much music to listen to. We understand that sometimes, you just don’t know what to choose. So to make your life a bit easier, we’ve made a bunch of playlists for different types of music, which you can check out on our Spotify profile here!

And these playlists aren’t just curated by us – they’re open to suggestions! We’d LOVE to hear what songs you’re listening to and loving. If you have any song suggestions, please fill out the form below, and we’ll add your favourite songs to our playlists!

Team nights

Once a term, we get together as a music team, along with the tech team, to chat about worship, discuss what we do well and what we can improve, and generally have some fun as a music team and get to know other musicians in the CU!

These nights usually involve some worship, some fun and games, and the opportunity to talk to other people who play your instrument (or help out on tech with you).  It’s a great time of community, coming together to learn from each other about how to best serve the CU in creating music. We love what we do, and music is our passion, so team night is a way to invest in our musicians, as well as having some fun.

Keep an eye out in our CU meetings, or on our social media, to find out when our next music team night is on!


If you’d like to get in touch about anything related to music at the CU, please don’t hesitate to email me at, or with the button below:

And if you’d like to get involved with the tech team, who set up the equipment for our weekly meetings, put the words on the screen for songs, and run the sound desk, please chat to them at, or use the handy button here: