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Why Get Involved in Teams?

The CU has a bunch of teams in order to coordinate the different things that CU does to share the Gospel. In order to share Jesus with everyone at university, we need people to help us organise and run doing just that. We want every member to get as involved as they can, and serving on a team is a great way to do that!

Our Teams


Hi we’re Sophie and Daniel, and we’re the Explore team!

We exist to give people an extra chance to investigate the Christian faith, particularly after an event has happened. Normally this happens in the form of brunches with speakers, or courses which go through Uncover (Bible studies in John’s gospel). Of course you don’t have to wait for an event or an Explore course to read Uncover with a friend – get in touch and we can give you a copy! Explore is just as important as our events – maybe more so! It is vital for people to have the time to investigate the claims of Christianity, and to invite people to ask their questions about Jesus. We would love your help with this! Whether it’s signing up to read Uncover with someone after an event or leading a Bible study at an Explore course, we need all the help we can get! Join our Facebook group, send an email to or find one of us. Thanks!


Hi we’re Obinna, Manus and Theo and we run iExplore!
iExplore is a chance to discover what Christianity is all about around a meal in a friendly space. It’s open to students from every nation, whether you’re an international or a home student!
We are so privileged to be part of team, to see so many people get to know more about Jesus and decide to follow Him is greatly encouraging!
To do this we need all the help we can get, whether you’re willing to buy groceries, help with cooking, give talks or even talk to new people we’d love to have you as part of the team! If you want to get involved, join the Facebook group or find one of us. Thanks million!


Hi We’re Jenny and Jordan, and we lead the Lunchbar team!
A lunchbar is an outreach event at which a specific topic is discussed by a speaker with a lunch provided for people who come. The lunchbar team prepares the many lunches needed and it’s a wonderful way to practically serve others and get to know your CU family. We’d love you to be apart of the lunchbar team and see your mad artistic sandwich making skills and enthusiasm! If you want to get involved, join the Facebook group, and keep your eyes peeled for appeals for help!

Hot Choc

Hot Choc lets us show the amazing good news of God’s love and goodness to people on campus in a very practical way – specifically, free biscuits and hot chocolate.

 We meet every Wednesday at 22:30 at the Chaplaincy to chat, worship, pray and then are out on the piazza from 22:30-02:30ish, so whether you’re an evening person or a morning person there’s an hour for you to shine! All you need to join us is a heart for God and willingness to wear a bright yellow hoodie. We realise that 3am finishes can be hard to fit into your weekly schedule, so there is no pressure to come every week – people come as often (or as little) as they want to. 

If you want to find out more, join the Facebook group “Warwick CU Hot Choc” (don’t worry, clicking isn’t committing!) or grab one of us at Equip / message us on Facebook. We can’t wait to meet you! 

Aaron, Ollie and Anna


Hi I’m Joel, and I head up the Tech Team!

Tech at Warwick CU is a key role in CU, enabling smooth running of Equip, and lots of one-off events we put on too. For those of you that only notice this team when something goes (probably badly) wrong, our aim is really to stop that from happening. Tech breaks down further into 2 roles:

  • Sound: In this role you are helping the musicians to sound how they want to, to CU members. This involves running the sound desk (it’s mostly easier than you expect – i.e. how loud do you want each person to be) and checking everything is making noise before the main equip meeting begins.
  • Projector: In this role you are running the computer, changing slides on the worship music and ensuring that the visuals works during the service to support both the musicians and the speakers.

This role takes up a lot of your time on a Wednesday, but the good news is that the more of us we have on the rota, the less of a burden it becomes on a few people!  You don’t need to know everything about tech, just be willing to serve!

To get involved, email me at: or come to one of our termly team nights!


The music team is responsible for everything musical here at CU.  From leading the CU in sung worship at Equip, to providing entertainment at our evangelistic events. 

If you can sing or play an instrument, we’d love for you to join us! Join the Facebook group, and put yourself in on the spreadsheet!


Hi, I’m Jo, and I’m serving as the Publicity Coordinator!  I’m a Chemistry Student who loves all things design!

Publicity is key to all that we do as a CU, and entails everything from designing this website you’re currently browsing to designing flyers, from managing our social media to making videos and from wearing Wonder jumpers to manning interactive stations around campus.

It’s the responsibility of the whole of the CU to publicise, but the Publiciteam  is a group of people committed to producing the physical and digital publicity.  If you are a creative mastermind, great at photography, editing videos, graphic design, coming up with wacky ideas or you’ve got a passion for making the Good News of Jesus known, we’d love to have you!  Join our Facebook group to find out more!

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