FREE week of events exploring life's biggest questions & Christianity!

3rd - 7th February • Week 5 • Oculus Green



What is Wonder?

Wonder is a week of events dedicated to asking some of life’s most difficult and meaningful questions and providing a space to discuss the answers Christianity offers to them, as well as just opening up the debate.

Is Wonder for me?

Yes! Whether you’re a Christian, an Atheist, religious or have never really considered your stance on faith, we’d love for you to come and we hope you feel welcome! 😊

Where can I find it?

We had a huge tent on the Oculus Green, where all our events were hosted throughout week 5. You can now watch back all of our talks on our Youtube channel here.

Why should I care?

We spend our lives searching for things like happiness, purpose and truth. This week of events is a great opportunity to explore the claims of Christianity for yourself!

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