A FREE week of online events exploring life's biggest questions & Christianity!

22nd - 26th February • Week 7


Events: Monday 22nd

Events: Tuesday 23rd

Events: Wednesday 24th

Events: Thursday 25th

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Events: Friday 26th

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What is Wonder?

Wonder is a week of events dedicated to asking some of life’s most difficult and meaningful questions and providing a space to discuss the answers Christianity offers to them, as well as just opening up the debate.

Is Wonder for me?

Yes! Whether you’re a Christian, an atheist, religious or have never really considered your stance on faith, we’d love for you to come and we hope you feel welcome!

Where can I find it?

We’d usually be in a huge tent on the Oculus green – but this year we’ve taken things online! Videos will be streamed from our YouTube channel, or held on Zoom, and plenty of info can be found in our Teams channels:

Why should I care?

We spend our lives searching for things like happiness, purpose and truth. This week of events is a great opportunity to explore the claims of Christianity for yourself.

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